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| Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Official: Pugh to Run for Council

Charles Pugh, a former Detroit television anchor and reporter says he will join the Detroit City Council race. Charles Pugh says a formal announcement is planned for May 3. All nine council seats are up for re-election for four-year terms beginning in 2010. If elected Pugh will be the first openly gay African-American to ever hold a seat on the city council in the city of Detroit.

The Zapata murder trial coverage - and the missed opportunity of the LGB media and blogosphere

Pam Spaulding points out the missed opportunity by gay bloggers and the LGBT media during the trial of murdered transgendered woman Angie Zapata. I'm guilty of not covering this significant case. My apologies. If you don't know about Zapata's life and tragic death then click here to learn more.

The reason why Black Prides must exist

excerpt below by A. McEwen

No one in the black community seems to care about lgbts of color - our issues, or our lives in general. Instead we are supposed to be placated by ridiculous assurances that "no one has a problem with our 'lifestyle' as long as we aren't in anyone's faces about it." Meanwhile, we are pushed in a psychological closet and muzzled like dogs.

When our leaders talk about the problems of the black community, we know they won't include us.

When well meaning activists focus on the "State of Black America," we are absent.

When magazines like Ebony write articles comparing "black civil rights" and "gay civil rights," they conveniently can't find lgbts of color to comment.

Well that's nonsense and I'm tired of it. I'm gay, I'm an African-American and I am proud of both of my identities.I don't feel as if I have to choose between the two. Black prides must continue to exist so that we can remind people that lgbts of color exist. Whether the rest of the black community approves of us or not is irrelevant. We deserve acknowledgement and respect.It's as simple as that.

Rod McCullom's picks for the 2009 AfterElton.com Hot 100

Loldarian.com favorite Rod McCollum of Rod 2.0 creates a smoking hot list of beautiful eye candy for After Elton's Hot 100. Rod's picks include hotties David McIntosh, Mike Survillon, Adrian Fenty, Will Demps, and Tyson Beckford to name a few. Rod's list does not disappoint. Go on over and check it out.

The Hotboyz Show

There's a new gay reality webseries soon to hit YouTube. The Hotboyz Show chronicles the lives of six individuals as they struggle to reconcile their sexuality into their daily lives. This gay urban webseries can best be described as Paris is Burning meets The DL Chronicles (IMO). Get into the trailer above.

Bea Arthur Dies at 86

Stage and television legend Beatrice Arthur—a gay icon since at least the 1970s—has died.

"The larger-than-life actress who scored on Broadway as the original matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof and the hard-drinking actress in Mame before she went on to star in the groundbreaking '70s TV series Maude and, in the '80s, the beloved sitcom The Golden Girls, has died. She was 86.

Gyant Unplugged

The most successful blogger on SOHH for the past three years has stepped down from his blog post and launched his own site gyantunplugged.com. Gyant, the undisputed mouth of the south, has decided to branch out on his own. Gyant has resigned from SOHH, however his blogging days are far from over. His daily dish on the A-Z celebrities, upcoming stars and interesting take on celebrity drama can be found at his new blog site gyantunplugged.com.

Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett's Official Statement on The DL Chronicles

"If the DL Chronicles is cancelled, we have not been officially notified from the network. Though we have suffered through an extremely long hiatus (more than a year), we are confident that here! TV will eventually get around to getting us back in production. We understand the viewers' frustration as they have watched shows that premiered when The DL Chronicles did go into second and third seasons, like here! TV's, The Lair, which is now in it's third season, while DL Chronicles only did one season after a successful and critically acclaimed first run.

The show also won the network its very first GLAAD Media award for Best Television Anthology. So we are just as clueless to the decision- making as most viewers are. The network has been silent about a production start date, and haven't been very forthcoming with concrete reasons as to why it's taking so long to greenlight us.

We urge viewers to make their voices heard and cause enough noise to make the network execs listen. Your voices are louder than you could even imagine. We want to thank all the fans who have decided to take action into their own hands and demand the programming that they so want and deserve. Keep up the fight!"

Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear