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0 comments | Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You may want to pick up the new issue of Bleu Magazine. Loldarian.com favorite and Noah's Arc actor Jensen Atwood graces the cover and manages to consistently deliver the heat!

Bleu Magazine West Coast Editor Ray Cunningham released the stunning pictures of Atwood yesterday on his blog. Photographer Jerome Jakubiec and stylist Roger McKenzie are apart of the creative team behind Atwood's sexy leather photoshoot.

BLEU Magazine's Editor at Large, Lenox Magee interviews Atwood in the issue and gives readers insight into Atwood's transformation from sex symobol to respected actor. "More than just a pretty face, in the time of "change" this young thespian wants to be known for his skills not his assets", says Magee.

Well one thing is for sure, whatever he's selling I'm buying!


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