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0 comments | Monday, June 09, 2008

Hey! I just wanted to bring your attention to a fairly new online magazine called eXcapethematrix. The magazine is the brain child of editor-in-chief Raven Ekundayo and boasts a roster of talented contributors from all over the country.

West coast journalist and loldarian.com reader K.D. Perry recently interviewed me for their current "Future Issue". The new issue went live over the weekend and can be read by clicking here.

To read Darian Aaron: Down Right Loud! click here.

Raven's goal for the magazine is simple yet profound; to help wake people up.

When I say that I mean there are many many people in this world who are asleep mentally. I would probably venture to say more people are asleep than awake. This is a serious problem. This world suffers from a huge amount of ignorance that’s poured onto the plate of life everyday. We are born and we are “conditioned” (remember that word) to think and act a certain way. Most if not all of our prejudices come from those who raised us. Another place most people go when they think of how our minds are corrupted is the media. I created Ravolution Multimedia because I want people to know that if they believe the media is evil, we will be the safe haven. Ravolution will be where you go when you want the truth in media, and that’s not an oxymoron. -Raven Ekundayo

Many thanks to K.D and Raven for this opportunity!


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