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0 comments | Sunday, June 01, 2008

I usually reserve this feature on my site for some of the most virulent anti-gay sermons you could ever hear. There's nothing that gets my blood rushing or leads me to my computer to write faster than a "good word" from the likes of Bishop Eddie Long or Bishop Alfred Owens.

But today's edition of Say What? comes to you courtesy of a few Janet Jackson fans that are possibly crazier and more hardcore than I am.

Fans were given a number by Janet herself to call in to suggest songs and costume choices for her upcoming ROCK WITCHU Tour, but what they didn't know was that Ms. Jackson would be returning a few of those phone calls personally.

Listen to their reactions below. I bet you're wondering if I called? Of course not. I have enough sense not to have a recording of me making a fool of myself. LOL!

Get into the first caller "Shawn" from New Orleans. This would have been me. A hot gay mess!

Janet Calls Shawn

Janet Calls Rob

Janet Calls Female Fan


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