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1 comments | Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well just when I thought I'd heard it all. This right wing nut/televangelist(sorry there is no other way to describe this man unless I resort to using profanity) by the name of Bill Keller has released a video questioning Barack Obama's belief in God and whether or not he is a real Christian.

He cites Obama's support of a woman's right to choose and his support for the LGBT community as signs that he is a "fake Christian" touting new age ideals.He refers to Obama as being on the "religious left" and warns Americans not to support a candidate that doesn't align with their Christian values.

If his extreme fundamentalist approach to religion wasn't scary enough he decided to throw in images of aborted babies for good measure. Nice.

This nut job is exactly what turns people away from religion organized or not. I don't know about you but I've had about all I can take of self -righteous, bible-thumping, backsliding, hypocrites who take it upon themselves to play God and question another person's commitment to Christ. I mean you could have fooled me but I thought we were voting for the President of The United States not the Pastor of The United States.

Is the idea of separation of church and state just a figment of my imagination or is it a law that those who govern are supposed to abide by?

Americans were hoodwinked during the last election by Karl Rove and the religious right and we're still losing lives in Iraq, gas prices are soaring, HIV/AIDS cases are increasing, people are without healthcare, and the economy is in crisis.

I pray that some of us won't allow ourselves to be distracted by distorted messages of hate by the likes of Bill Keller disguised as religion.

Obama an enemy of God? Not likely, the religious extremeists...quite possibly.

Watch this madness below for yourself.


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Obama has been voted the most liberal US Senator. Part of Clinton's argument against him (which she lost) was that he was too straight forwardly liberal to be elected president.

Obama is very pro gay rights except for same sex marriage. He also supports a woman's "right to choose" with NO reservations. He said in a speech several months ago that if one of his daughters got pregnant he wouldn't want her to be "punished" with a baby she wasn't ready for. As you might imagine, he was jumped on by the right for calling pregnancy a "punishment".

Now that Obama has the nomination, the religious right is going to go after him for these views. Remember the religious right considers homosexuality to be the worst of all sins (they say they don't but, in fact, they do) and they consider abortion to be murder. He and his wife will be demonized in the media. This "swift boating" has worked for Republicans in the past. The question is, will it work in 11-08?

June 13, 2008 7:18 AM


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