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1 comments | Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending the "No Mo No Homo" Initative at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Safe Space, a gay campus organization operated by some of the most intelligent and fearless young men I've ever met have been working diligently and often times against incredible odds to ensure that Morehouse College is a place where all men are accepted into the brotherhood and treated as equals regardless of their sexual orientation.

The week long initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of homophobia and heterosexism at Morehouse.

A honest and fiery panel discussion moderated by Michael Brewer with panelists Vincent Allen(Safe Space), Charles Baschum (formerly of HRC), and Morehouse faculty member Dr. Rome took place in The African American Hall of Fame inside M.L. KIng Chapel.

The first thirty minutes were devoted to prepared questions for the panelists via the moderator, but the conversation really got started when the floor was opened up for questions. The audience consisted of gay and lesbian students, straight allies and of course those who vehemently opposed homosexuality.

It wasn't long before religion and the "beautiful" story of Sodom & Gomorrah reared it's head. Emotions were high but the conversation remained respectful at all times.

I must commend the work of the members of Safe Space, it's because of their courage to be visible on campus that other gay students will not have to feel as if they cannot live authentically and still be considered strong Morehouse men.

I think it's also important to recognize Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, president of Morehouse College who was also in attendance. Dr. Franklin was the first Morehouse College president to attend a Safe Space function in 18 years.


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I am glad that morehouse is doing something like this

April 26, 2008 12:41 AM


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