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0 comments | Sunday, April 20, 2008

Take me higher Lord! I wrote about newly signed recording artist Steph Jones a couple of months ago and I think that particular post went unnoticed. I'm telling you guys, don't sleep on this brotha. Not only is he beautiful on the exterior, but he's beautiful inside and has an amazing voice to top it off. It just doesn't get any better than "Mr. Ordinary" himself.

Well my friend and loldarian.com affiliate B. Scott had an opportunity to welcome Steph Jones into his home and learn about his life and his music and of course it's all captured on video.

I loved Steph Jones and his music before, but seeing him in this video with B. Scott made me respect him even more. He is gifted and smart enough to know that embracing all of his fans regardless of race, class, or sexual orientation is the right thing to do. Gotta love a man who is secure enough with his sexuality to look past a person being gay to embrace them regardless. Steph rocks!

Make sure you check out Steph's music on his myspace page and get into the video above.


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