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0 comments | Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today we have the power to end business as usual in Washington and elect Barack Obama as our next Democratic presidential nominee. Who would have thought a year ago that Barack Obama would be where he is today? Let me keep it real and go a step further and say who would have thought white Americans would support Obama like they have. This is truly an amazing time for our country. For the first time we have the opportunity to send two real progressives to The White House. I like Hillary Clinton but I love Barack Obama!

Do you even remember what it feels like to have a president who isn't polarizing? A president who values the poor and middle class as much as he does the wealthy? A president who makes universal health care a priority? A president who doesn't deem it necessary to change the constitution in order to discriminate against a minority? A president who is man enough to admit when he's wrong or when his policy has failed?

The last 8 years of the Bush Administration has been an incredible nightmare . But today with the drop of a ballot we have the power to wake up from the nightmare starring George W. Bush and vote for real change in Washington, when we nominate Barack Obama as our next Democratic presidential nominee.

Yes We Can!


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