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0 comments | Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I swear Keith Boykin is everywhere these days from BET to CNN and now a special appearance on Judge Hatchett. On today's episode Judge Hatchett is calling in Keith to do an intervention in the life of Tae, a gay teen who's mother says his life is spinning out of control. Tae is repeatedly harrased at school because he is gay and admits to taking it out on his mother. Keith provides a positive example of what Tae can accomplish as a young black gay man. Check your local listings for showtimes.

Have you guys seen Sunday Best and Exalted on BET? It looks like the creative heads at BET are really trying to come up with quality programming that entertains at the same time. I don't think I've watched BET consistently since Teen Summit went off the air, I never really had a reason to. But that has all changed because I'm addicted to their new gospel American Idol style competition where they search for undiscovered talent. Mary Mary and Bebe Winans are judges and while they don't have the charm of Simon, Randy, or Paula they're fun to watch, especially Bebe. I just have one question for him, Bebe...how u doin? But I'm learning the real drama is happening over on BET's message board. All of the holier than thou bible-toting Christians are in a heavy debate over whether or not this show is "holy and anointed" or just a money making machine. Read for yourself here .

Exalted follows the lives of celebrity ministers. First up was Prophetess Juanita Bynum /the new face of domestic violence. Hate her or love her, Juanita Bynum has a huge following and this show traces her life back to the early days of her ministry to the fateful night in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel where she was beaten by her soon to be ex-husband Bishop Thomas Weeks. I go back and forth about how I feel about Juanita but her life is indeed interesting and entertaining. So entertaining I was glued to the tv for an hour. Kudos to BET for the writing, production, and Blair Underwood's outstanding narration. Check out both shows weekly on BET.

Ok so the jury is still out on this new controversial bisexual dating show starring Tila Tequila, model and myspace celebrity. I watched the show for the first time last night with Trey and we both agreed it wasn't anything we hadn't seen before, but that was before the lesbians arrived to compete for Tequila's affection. It seems MTV is sticking to the same tired "Real World" fromula of sex, alcohol, hottubs, hot bodies, fights and more sex in this new dating show. I'm not a raving fan yet but I'm willing to give it another chance.

Logo premiered it's new series Ex's and Ohs earlier this week and between Tila Tequila and this show I think I'm going into lesbian overload! I really want to like this show because it's new and its not much on LOGO I haven't already seen a million times, but boy does it need some work. But on the flip side I was really excited that LOGO was aware that black lesbians exists and included a couple in the show. The jury is still out but I'm willing to give this show one more chance.


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