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1 comments | Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Republican candidate rejects who will never have a real chance at securing the nomination for the presidency sold their souls to the religious right on Monday night during a debate on moral values in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And of course you know the first question of the night was whether or not they would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The panelists comprised of uber-conservatives Janet Folger of Faith 2 Action and Phyliss Schlafy of Eagle Forum among others, wasted no time finding out exactly how far the candidates would go to strip the LGBT community of their rights.

But the scary part of the whole evening besides the comparisons of homosexuality with beastiality and pedophilia was the over the top performance by Alan Keyes. The black conservative from Illinois (who got his ass whipped by Barack Obama!) tout his opposition to gay equality despite his personal experience having a lesbian daughter. I'm sure it won't be too long before he's in the middle of a Republican scandal...the lady doth protest too much!

All of this proceeds Mitt Romney's radio ad set to air today confirming his staunch opposition to gay marriage. Meet the John Kerry flip-flopper of this presidential race. I guess Mitt forgot about this flyer from a few years ago.

The serious Republican candidates didn't even bother showing up to this debate. Get into the video below and after a few minutes I'm sure you'll understand why.



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No one rights are being stripped here, that is an assumption based on a biased viewpoint. You can go to your city hall today and apply for a marriage license just like any other person, I don't think they'll refuse your application request. You can live anywhere, if you have the money, right? You can travel anywhere in the country, freely, right? You can patron any business establishment, right? So, your "rights" are available to you, but you fail to see them, therefore, I think you may need an adjustment.

It is interesting that Alan joined the race. He is a very smart man and I had the chance to speak with him when he ran against Obama here in Illinois. I do find him extreme, but I do know he would have won over Obama if he was given a fair chance to campaign instead of three or four months before voting. He didn't have a fair start, but even in those few months running for U.S. senate, he pulled great support.

I do know he made Obama look like an a** when he debated on issues facing America and Illinois, Obama was dumbfounded, just as he is now thinking he can become President, God help us!

September 20, 2007 7:16 AM


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