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0 comments | Friday, July 27, 2007

This Sunday BET's provocative and often controversial show Meet The Faith will welcome the amazing Oprah Winfrey. The upcoming episode titled "It's My Money" will address Oprah's decision to open a 40 million dollar school for girls in South Africa. Many Americans have criticized Ms. Winfrey for not being charitable at home when there's so many deserving American students who are being deprived of a solid education . In a early statement released from the show, Ms. Winfrey had this to say to her critics, ""To hell with your criticism, I don't care about what I did, because it's what I did". She also came under fire earlier this year for saying South African children appreciated the value of an education more than American kids, "most Americans ask for a new iPod" .

Say what you want about Oprah Winfrey but the woman can do no wrong in my book. She's a billionaire and she consistently gives back to the community and she does so from her heart. It seems that everyone who comes in contact with Oprah or is a recipient of her generosity is blessed in such a magnificent way. I've had the pleasure over the past couple of months to receive e-mails from a close friend who is working at Oprah's school in South Africa and I've been able to live vicariously through her life changing experience with the girls and Oprah herself. With all the good that Oprah's done for so many people she's still not above criticism. I don't even think she has to address the chorus of haters, but when Oprah speaks people listen, and I'll definitely be tuning into Meet The Faith this Sunday at 11 AM ET/10 PM PT.


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