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0 comments | Monday, July 23, 2007

by Lonnell Williams

Last Saturday I attended the 9th Annual White Attire Affair in Washington D.C. . What an amazing event! If you have not been previously, this is certainly one to add to your circuit calendar! Held in the beautiful Ronald Reagan Building (I'm sure he was spinning in his grave), this spectacular event was like no other! Upon arriving and walking the Red Carpet we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff as flash bulbs were going off everywhere...(it was very "pose for da camera now, click! click!)!

Themed after the James Bond 007 movies, we were treated to a phenomenal show featuring Sheryl Lee Ralph, Pam Ward and the X-Faction dance troupe. It was a battle between good and evil as the VIRUS (the dancer in Red) set out to destroy as many people as possible; but Jane and James Bond along with their secret agents weren't havin it! They pulled out their best can of whoop ass and stood victorious! Next came the biggest surprise for me; watching Doug E. Fresh's performance. When I heard he was headlining I thought, "who the hell is gonna remember him?"-- Well anyone who was in the house will not forget him anytime soon. All I can say is he turned it OUT! The true original Mr. Beat Box still has it after all these years!

Favorite rant of the evening: After a show stopping rendition of "Diamonds are Forever", the stunningly beautiful Sheryl Lee Ralph in her most fierce sista girl atti-ma-tude told us that "THE BAREBACKING MUST STOP!" The purpose of the White Attire Affair was to raise better awareness in our community and Ms. Ralph 'sho nuff' brought that point home!

The endless sea of beautiful brothas and sistas partied the night away on three different dance floors. Praise da Lawd there was a variety of music and we weren't subjected to hearing 73 Beyonce songs in a row! Hallelujah!

Its refreshing to see how far we've come in our celebration as a community! Furthermore the scale on which this gala was presented speaks to infinite possibility we have for success when we leave the shade, stunting and negativity behind!!!! Pull your head out of your ass people, the sgl colored girls are getting it together!!!!!! God Bless.

Thanks Darian for asking me to share.

Lonnell Williams


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