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0 comments | Monday, July 09, 2007

Los Angeles was definitely the place to be over the weekend as thousands of black gays and lesbians came out for the 19th annual At The Beach Black Pride event in Malibu. It was my intention to attend the festivities for the first time this year but I found myself on the opposite side of the country working. But thanks to my good friend Steven over at pinkmafiaradio I'm able to bring you pictures from the main event.

The beach party may be the highlight of Pride but organizers hosted an array of events throughout the week to entertain the large number of people who traveled from all over to paticipate. There were panel discussions, poetry slams, performances by soul singer Donnie and hip hop artist Feloni, as well as a LGBT film screening sponsored by here! networks.

I'm going to make sure that in 2008 my post on L.A.'s Black Pride will be written from my personal experience after attending one of the hottest Pride events in the country. I'll be damned if I go six years without seeing what all the fuss is about for myself...lol! Check out LA locals Trent and Jasmyne's thoughts on Pride.


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