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0 comments | Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer is quickly approaching and gay pride celebrations will be taking place all over the country. More than ever before same gender loving people have so much to celebrate, from making the important step of coming out, to legal victories in the fight for marriage equality, and increasing visibility in the media, LGBT people are out and celebrating who we are for all the world to see.

Beginning today About.com writer Ramone Johnson will be bringing millions of readers thirty interviews in thirty days from some of your favorite gay celebritys, icons, and supporters. Get ready to dive inside the minds of director and filmaker Lee Daniels, singer Jody Watley, actor Jensen Atwood, author E. Lynn Harris, and tv personality and activist Karamo Brown just to name a few.

This is sure to be a hot series of interviews and you will be able to get an exclusive preview here on this site thanks to the man himself, Ramone Johnson. You definitely don't want to miss this month long gay pride celebration. Stay tuned because there's more to come.


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