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0 comments | Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two words: Janet and Halle ! These two beautiful Black women are aging gracefully and giving other entertainers in their twenties a run for their money. Halle Berry is on the new issue of Esquire Magazine and since Janet released 20 Y.O. she has been almost everywhere. It's almost hard to believe these women are considered by some to be over the hill. They both look just as amazing as they did in their earlier days if not better. Now I just want Ms. Berry to give us another award winning Monster's Ball performance...but that's another post.

Ms. Jackson has been spotted all over Atlanta since she's been in town filming Tyler Perry's new movie, "Why Did I Get Married?". From her onstage appearance at club Jungle in support of drag performer Jasmyne to her late night workout's with Tyler at LA Fitness, she's been all over town. It seems as if everyone has come across her but me. She might be avoiding me since the first time we met I had to get all dramatic and cry! LOL !

Halle and Janet are definietely two of my favorite artists. In case you guys are wondering when Janet posed for Playboy, sorry to dissapoint you but the picure is fake. Many thanks to my friend Jeff for sending me that one. Can you imagine what these women will look like 10 years from now at 50?


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