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1 comments | Friday, March 02, 2007

Art will imitate life when Atlanta audiences witness the real life situatons in Craig Stewart's play A Day In The Life . The show examines the lives of Black same gender loving men as it relates to HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, identity crisis, and disenfranchisement from mainstream society.

A Day In The Life premiered in 2002 at the 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta and enjoyed a succesful run. The story of the playwright's difficult journey to bring his vision to the stage is just as inspiring as the lives of the characters he's created.

It's refreshing to know that we can attend the theater and see characters that reflect our lives, especially during a time when Black characters, gay or straight are disappearing from mainstream entertainment. I'm excited about seeing the show and hopefully I'll get a chance to meet Craig and the cast. I don't have my ticket yet and my birthday is coming up, so allow me to put that bit of information out there.

A Day in The Life will begin it's run in Atlanta on March 15th and close on the 25th at The Balzer Theater @ Herren's Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta, GA. You can purchase tickets here .



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