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0 comments | Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yesterday I received an e-mail from one of my loyal readers and fellow bloggersPolarchip asking if I had heard of the show One Punk Under God. I was not familiar with the show and once I learned about the show's content I was a little embarrased that it wasn't on my radar.

The show captures the life of minister Jay Bakker, the son of fallen televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. In 1987 Jim Bakker lost his ministry and the respect of thousands of followers after he confessed to committing adultery and participating in fraud, the latter would send him to prison for many years.

Jay is not your ordinary southern baptist preacher. His appearance is far from conservative, adorned with multiple tattoos and piercings, Jay strikes you more as a goth head than a preacher. His Revolution Church regulary meets at a bar in Atlanta called Masquerade, and unlike many churches throughout the country he opens his doors to all people regardless of appearance, economic status, or sexual orientation.

So Jay likes the gays? That's right, after attending a gay affirming church service Jay starts to rethink all of the biblical hatred towards gays he had been taught as a child. Not only does he come out publicly for equality for gays and lesbians he does the unthinkable, he preaches that homosexuality is not a sin and causes emotions to run high amongst his conservative supporters, many of whom support his church financially.

My own pastor Rev. O.C. Allen III spoke a prophetic word about a month ago that I believe will come to fruition this year. The black church as we once knew it is dying. Pastors are selling their pulpits to the highest bidders and the people of the congregation are hungry for something real. Their is going to be a huge shift from the mega churches and people are going to start embracing ministires such as Jay's and The Visioon Church becuase they are tired of being abused in the one place where they're supposed to experience love and safety, the church.

I urge you guys to check out an episode of this wonderful new show on the The Sundance Channel or download the season from iTunes. Jay is a warrior and an allie, if only more people would allow themselves to embrace the differences in others the world would be a better place.



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