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9 comments | Sunday, January 21, 2007

In the bible, Joshua said, "As far as for me AND my house, we will serve the Lord". That implies, anything that is in my house that is not approved or blessed by God cannot stay here and abide. So, with this in mind, parents have the right AND obligation to keep their faith pure and to purge their house if necessary.-"The Captain"

Translation: If you're the parent of a gay child the bible sanctions your decision to release your child to the streets to fend for himself because his sexuality deems him unworthy of your love and the love of God. Right? Wrong! Dead wrong!

When I posted the clip of the controversial Meshell Ndegeocello video "Leviticus Faggot" last week I knew that it would spark a dialogue. The content of the video sadly is a reality for many gay and lesbian teenagers in this country. LGBT youth are twice as likely to commit suicide or end up homeless than non-LGBT youth.

Whatever happened to unconditional love? My parents were not happy when I came out and they're still less than pleased, but one thing is for sure they would have never given me up to the streets, because until I turned 18 I was a minor and they're responsibility. I just don't understand how any loving parent could turn their child away because they love differently. Yet I know that it happens all the time.

The Captain has become somewhat of my blog stalker. He is a blogger(I won't provide a link to his page because he doesn't deserve one ) and a gay man that is incredibly unhappy with the gay card he's been dealt. If you read other gay blogs then I'm sure you've come across his self righteous, "Exodus International", "Donnie McClurkin", comments.

When are those people who profess to be Christians going to start acting christ-like? The God I serve and the bible I read is based on love and not hate. It amazes me that people can find a scripture to support any mean- spirited attack on another human being all in the name of God.

"Parent's have the right to purge their house if necessary". He speaks as if the child is a bunch of old clothes that have been accumulating in the closet that are too small for the owner to wear. We're talking about a living and breathing human being, not an oversized pair of pants. I've always wondered what parents think the end result of throwing their child out or disowning them because of their sexuality will be? Could this be the cure ? Or is this just the result of religion gone out of control?

The more I read The Captain's thoughts the more I'm convinced that it's worth it to live authentically, even at the risk of being kicked out or disowned. At least I won't be shackled down by the guilt of false religion.



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January 22, 2007 2:39 AM

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I wrote this on the same subject almost exactly a year ago. (Some embeded links may no longer work.)

January 22, 2007 2:41 AM

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(YAYYY YOUR COMMENTS WORK. They work like one week out the month. LOL)

This is a very real topic, because I came out this year.(By force sort of.) And it's a thought that looms over you the whole time why not to tell, because you're parents might throw you out on the street. Luckily, my parents didn't throw me out. Actually, my mother was so angry when I expressed to her I didn't tell her because I thought she'd throw me on the streets. Because, she felt that I thought she was that type of horrible mother.

But, everyone wasn't made to be a parent and/or have children. It takes a special type of person, because children are such a huge responsibility.


January 22, 2007 9:37 AM

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I can't even be mad at the Captain's comments, because, of course he would be feeding off of the church's view of homosexuality. I was kicked out of my house when I told my parents that I was gay, BUT,love was more important than religion. The Bible speaks more on loving one another than "purging" your home of sin or whatever he said. I can't wait until the "Captain" forces himself to have sex with a female so that he can have a gay kid. I wonder how much "purging" he would do then.

January 22, 2007 1:48 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I do not wish for any child to be kicked out the house, and I am sure no parent wants to set his or her child on the street.

Let us examine the quintessential principle at hand. For illustration, let us examine a different kind of scenario.

We (Rational thinking and civil people- I hope) feel that doing drugs is wrong or that molestation is wrong. Do you agree?

If you were a parent, that has a child that is around age 16, doing drugs in your home, selling drugs from your home, you are consistently raided by police, harassed by legal complaints and then he commits a crime of touching a young 7-year-old child, would you keep your child in the house after repeating these offenses?

I do not think any parent who shares the belief that doing drugs and molestation is wrong would allow any child to abide in their home doing these random acts of offense. If so, then that parent is not setting a good example and depleting the moral value of society in raising her children to do right. Unfortunately, you are only encouraging them to continue and we have many cases where parents are too afraid to speak their belief and enforce their belief in their house because fear of retaliation. We always preach that parents need to teach kids at home and instill in them morals and values, but those such as yourselves who advocate the “Love and Acceptance” theory strip away the structure of completing the lesson and instilling morals and values. No wonder this generation is suffering so much.

Therefore, the scripture is dutifully applied and it makes logical sense. “As for me AND my house, we will serve the Lord.” Nothing in my house that does not please the Lord can abide. We have many people who have these sayings posted in their house something to the effect, “Kick the devil out”, “Jesus answer the door because the devil is knocking”, “Only Jesus lives here”, “The devil has no room here”, but no one really understand what those clichés mean.

January 23, 2007 12:12 AM

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The great difference is a child of 16 can be gay, and a virgin. People tend to forget that being gay can sometimes be a noun, and not always a verb. Just as being heterosexual does not mean a child is having sex. A minor is just that, and should not be having sex, homo, hetero or otherwise. What better place for a young, gay, scared young person, than in a loving christian home being showered with love and guidence. Amen!

January 23, 2007 11:17 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

First off, I LOVE Daryl Foster's comment and must admit, I never thought about it like that.

Second, there is a big difference with being a gay teenager and a gay adult. When you are a child you know that there are certain rules you are going to have to abide by. As an adult you should be able to make decisions as such and be able to demand that they be respected.

I came out to my parents as a teenager, much like Marz, by force when I was 17 years old. Though I saw nothing wrong with it WHATSOEVER I knew that my parents would have objections, so I kept my mouth closed about it out of respect. When I came clean with them you would have thought that I was trying to conduct the largest cover up ever. On the contrary, that was a move out of respect for them, our situation, and their household (I have 5 younger brothers and you know that some straight people think that being gay is contagious).

Needless to say, I never spoke of it again (by their request) in their household.

The tide has turned now that I am an adult. I have my own life, situation, and household. I made sure that they knew about me and my situation (I live with my partner) before they came to visit. They have had their issues with it, but it is completely different than it was when I was a teenager. They still object to the whole gay way of life, but they have to look at it from a different point of view. The territory has changed. They may not have tolerated hearing about it in their house, but they know that the world is bigger than the land that they own. When they step to my house they are going to be exposed to it. Thank God, they have come... but it has taken me standing my ground for it to happen.

The sad thing about being turned away at such a young age is that you have less of a chance at asserting yourself in other areas of life later on.

People wonder why we accept any ole kind of love, and any ole thing, and affection from those who are clearly the wrong type of people in life.

It is a sad, sad thing that just does not have to be.

Thanks for the post Darian.

January 24, 2007 8:51 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Is this the same "ex-gay" Darryl Foster who is a pastor in Atlanta and writes a blog dedicated to exposing the "gay agenda"?

If it is, please explain how a minor, such as a 16-year old, would be gay--ie noun, as in having a political and social awareness around same-sex issues--and how this would be incompatible would Jesus' message of a perfect, all-knowing God? Unless, of course, you're saying that God allows the 12- or 16-year old to be tempted and corrupted by Satan? If being "gay" is about choice, wouldn't we be "tempted" with these choices when we could understand their consequences? Anything less than that would be cruel, no?

Regarding "The Captain": Why even waste airtime on an self-hating, repressed homosexual who spends time on gay blogs advancing religious arguments that equate homosexuality with drug addiction? If he's so straight, occasionally he may want to blog about, oh, I don't know, girls or football?

Darius, I admire you and your blog. But you're an out, proud and known gay black man--very positive and doing things--why argue with anonymous haters who want to tear down you and our community?

January 28, 2007 4:26 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

She done did it again.

Just do what I do...ignore it. It won't go away, but you'll save wasted time. let him hate himself in his own home and on his own time excluding me while doing it.

March 14, 2007 1:43 PM


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