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0 comments | Thursday, January 04, 2007

GLAAD has compiled a list of the worst homophobic incidents that took place in the media in 2006. From Ann Coulter on MSNBC's Hardball referring to former Vice President Al Gore as a "fag", to Focus on The Family James Dobson's attack on Mary Cheney after she publicly announced her pregnancy.

GLAAD is committed to assuring that the lives of LGBT people are portrayed fairly and accurately in the media. You can read the complete list here as well as view video clips.

There was one clip in particular that I found to be extremely disturbing. During an exchange of "Brokeback Mountain" jokes on MSNBC's Imus in The Morning Show with Don Imus, he and guest Chris Matthews crossed the line more than once with their cruel homophobic remarks. Where was the FCC during this broadcast? Watch for yourself here .

With our country equally divided over whether or not to grant LGBT people the basic civil rights that every American is entitled to, we can only brace ourselves for more homophobia and political gay bashing as we become more outspoken heading into an election year.

I predict same-sex marriage will once again become the issue Republicans will use in an attempt to defeat their Democratic rivals. Daily Show host Jon Stewart allows one of their own to show what happens when decisions are based on homophobia and not research, experience, or logic. Enjoy!



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