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0 comments | Tuesday, November 21, 2006

There's very few shows on LOGO that I look forward to watching now that the second season of Noah's Arc has ended, so you would have to imagine how excited I was when I came across another person of color on a network that caters to a largely white gay audience.

I'm not complaining, I love LOGO, just stating the facts. On the newest episode of Coming Out Stories we're introduced to Black lesbian rapper Trish aka Feloni. Feloni is in the process of releasing her debut album in which the lyrical content is heavy on the lesbian side. After listening to her single "I Took Your Bit**", there should be no doubt in the listeners mind that she is same-sex attracted.

The only problem is that Feloni has not come out to her father or her brother Floyd, aka "Pookie"(does every black person have someone in their family named Pookie?). She eventually works up the courage to come out and once she does she's shocked by the acceptance that she receives from her dad and her conservative brother.

It all seemed to good to be true to me. It amazes me that some families accept their kids right away and others struggle for acceptance and respect for years. The latter being my experience.

This example of unconditional love from a family further dispells the myth that Blacks are more homophobic than Whites. There's open minded people in our community who would rather think with their heads instead of relying on religious dogma to determine whether or not to accept their lesbian and gay relatives.

I wish this was everyone's coming out story.

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