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0 comments | Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rumors were circling for weeks that Jermaine Dupri had been forced out of his position as President of the urban music division at Virgin Records. But today Dupri broke his silence and told the Associated Press that he had in fact quit. No direct explanation was given, but many believe it was due to Virgin not promoting Janet's 20 Y.O. album aggressively.

To date Janet has only sold 443,000 copies of her latest album, All For You sold 605,000 copies in it's first week.

I always thought Janet's fan base was large enough to catapult any of her albums to the number one position. So has her fans abandoned her? I own 20 Y.O. and I personally think it's one of Janet's best albums. But then again, I'm a die hard fan and she could release an album of nursery rhymes and I would still buy it.

It baffles me that a woman who has impacted the music industry and influenced the sound and look of so many artists today(Beyonce, Ciara, Monica, Brandy, Mya, just to name a few) is receiving such enormous backlash, all because for 3 seconds on a Sunday afternoon we were reminded that breasts are on the female body.

Funny, I bet the infamous wardrobe malfunction would have never been a scandal if it had taken place in Europe. Only Americans have sex and contribute to a billion dollar
porn industry but are ashamed of their sexuality.


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