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0 comments | Friday, October 27, 2006

From Deondray Gossett

Sorry my Atlanta Brothers and Sisters,

We were just informed today that The DL Chronicles, Episode: Robert didn't make it into Atlanta's Out On Film film festival! As some of you may recall, Episode: Wes premiered at this same festival last year to an overwhelming reception and dozens of accolades.

Going to the site imagefv.org and looking at this year's lineup, it looks as if short films that star people of color have been omitted from their programming.

I am asking that the fans of The DL Chronicles band together and flood their office with emails inquiring about The DL Chronicles.

Episode: Robert has been accepted into EVERY festival it has been submitted to, but the reason why we're fighting over this one in particular is because it is one of the only festivals of this caliber that gives us access to our biggest demographic in Atlanta: Gay/Bi Black Men and Women.

It seems as if this year's festival has suffered a "Black Out." Please challenge this festival's programming by requesting that The DL Chronicles be shown and any other short gay/lesbian film that stars people of color that you would like to be shown.

The email address is:

The phone number is:

The festival director's name is Dan Krovich


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