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1 comments | Friday, August 25, 2006

It's official. If I or anyone else wants to become a rich and famous pop star in this country it's definitely possible, talent not required.

What happend to the days when you actually had to have a talented singing voice in order to record an album?
With Paris Hilton and Mr. Britney Spears himself, Kevin Federline releasing albums I've been reassured that it's not about talent but about who you know or who you're sleeping with in L.A. that will get you places.

Driving cross country I've been listening to music for hours and one artist that should be receiving the Paris Hilton press but isn't is Tarralyn Ramsey .

You might remember her from VH1's Born to Diva , a very short lived talent competition in 2003.

Tarralyn's voice has a Whitney Houston quality that just sends chills down my spine. How many voices do we hear like this on the radio today? Very few come to mind.

This is what makes me so upset about the manufactured garbage Paris and Kevin are throwing at the public, and some of us buy into it. Have we just becomed used to the music industry signing a pretty face and mediocre talent? It's a sad state of affairs when Paris Hilton has a hit single and Vanilla Ice makes a comeback through Kevin Fedrline! Whitney please get well soon.

Experience Tarralyn for yourself here .


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

PREACH!!! I'll join you in your diatribe of blasting the sorry ass, prefabricated mess that calls itself popular mainstream music. I've refused to even entertain the notion of downloading Paris' or K-Fed singles...my ears would bleed and my nerves would melt.

ohhh boy i was about to launch into my own sermon on the topic, so i'll keep it short. I will be checking out this tarralyn ramsey girl...see what she's workin with. Thanks Mr. SC!

August 25, 2006 7:40 PM


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