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0 comments | Friday, August 25, 2006

Recently I was introduced to the work of emerging authorClarence Nero . I always jump at the chance to read material that mirrors my life experiences of being black, gay, christian, and out in America, specifically black America.

Clarence was born and raised in the New Orleans Ninth Ward district and is a survivor of Hurricane Katrrina.

On October 10, 2006 he will be releasing his second novel, "Three Sides to Every Story". The book has already generated quite a buzz in the literary world and has even received support from Dr. Maya Angelou and famed writer E. Lynn Harris.

In "Three Sides" Nero tackles the issues of homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, and the huge population of black men in prison, among other topics considered taboo in our community.

E. Lynn Harris believes in the talent of this brotha so much he decided to fund his national book tour after hearing his publisher wasn't going to send him out on the road.

I should be receiving my copy of the book any day now. If Maya Angelou and E. Lynn Harris is behind this project, then it must be a good read. I know I'm going to bury my face in it as soon as I gety my hands on it.

I would urge you guys to do the same. Let's support our brother on his way up.


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