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3 comments | Monday, July 17, 2006

Despite being sick with the flu, Saturday night I managed to drag my butt out of the bed and attend a special screening of Maurice Jamal's new film Dirty Laundry.

With an all star cast that includes Loretta Devine, Rockmond Dunbar, Jennifer Lewis, Terri J. Vaughn,Simore,Joey Costello, and appearances by Dottie Peoples, Dr. Bobby Jones, and Alec Mapa, this film had no choice but to be successful with the caliber of talent that was brought on board.

The story revolves around Sheldon/Patrick(Rockmond Dunbar), a successful New York writer who returns home to Paris, GA only to find out he is a father of a 10 year old boy and to unexpectedly come out to his mother(Loretta Devine)and his family about his sexuality. All of which is met with some resistance from his very “southern” family.

It’s a very real story that hasn’t been told yet and what’s so unique about it is the way writer-director Maurice Jamal chooses to tell the story through humor instead of the expected heavy drama. The film definitely had it’s moments where it hit home and brought tears to my eyes, but between Jennifer Lewis and Loretta Devine I was rolling in the aisles!!

The movie will be shown at festivals across the country over the summer. If it comes to your town, run and go see it. This is a movie that every family needs to see, especially mine.

Below are some pics from the evening thanks to my great friend Steven at


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