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4 comments | Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today has been one of those days that I've realized people are still not as educated on the transmission of HIV/AIDS and how they can protect themselves as they should be, and unfortunately for those people who are living with this chronic manageable disease the stigma is still alive and well.

On myspace today there was a very heated discussion on Sarah Jane Porter a British woman who was infected by a black lover and went on a mission to spread the virus to others. Very similar to theNikko Briteramos case in South Dakota, when he had unprotected sex with his girlfriend despite being aware of his status.

These isolated incidents often paint a picture of positive people as dangerous criminals. While I believe a positive person owes it to their partner to disclose their status before engaging in sexual activity, both individuals involved have to take the steps to protect themselves not only from HIV but from other STD's as well.

Stigma is such an ugly thing and we wonder why the infection rates in the black community is soaring. Brothas and sistas don't want to get tested for fear of rejection, isolation, and the stupid idea that it's better if you just don't know.

No one wants to contract this disease, and the truth is although it's manageable and there's life saving medications available, it does take an emotional toll on the person infected and those who care about them.

The safest sex is no sex. But if you're sexually active talk to your partner, go get tested with your partner, take responsibility for your own health. We all owe it to ourselves 25 years into this plague to know the facts and to embrace life everyday whether you're HIV positive or not.


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I personally feel as though you should treat every sex partner as if they are positive; meaning you should take the precautionbs you would take if you KNEW you were having sex with someone who had HIV.

Also, because someone is negative doesn't mean they don't have it. The tests do only test for the last six months. I think that is just good practice overall.

July 01, 2006 11:08 PM

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