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4 comments | Monday, May 29, 2006

Before I begin my spill let me preface it by saying this is not a post bashing those who choose to enter into interracial relationships, my beef is with those brothas who exclusively only date white men. Why brothas why? I've also dated outside of my race before and enjoyed it. I just have a problem with black men who only seem to find beauty in the blond, blue eyed Chelsea and Weho boys ! I have a close friend who won't even look twice at a black man if there's a selection of tanned white men in the room. Is it just a personal preference or is it something deeper? Let me know. P.S. Ignore the sunglasses my brotha is wearing in this pic, they're awful!!! Lol


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I know from my reading of Langson Hughes biographies and etc., Hughes was concerned about the depiction of blacks lusting after white flesh in much of the work he saw coming from black writers in the 1950s. Hughes, like me, preferred the brothers, especially those of dark complextion. He, again like me, showed very little sexual interest in white men.

In the film BROTHER TO BROTHER, every black gay male, except Langston Hughes, is shown preferring white men. I know Richard Bruce Nugent preferred white men. He even was a participator in the gay organization of Black and White Men Together. In a Nugent biography, Nugent gives a pretty much stupid excuse for his preferrence for white men, but, none the less, he is honest and his words are reflected openely in the work he produced. Take a look at the website: brucenugent.com
Look at his artwork and etc.

A)Some brothers express little sexual interest in white men period.

B)Sexual tastes can be varied. Some brothers don't care what color the body is.

C)Others brothers have this idea that "white is right" in whatever circumstance and tend to be impressed by white folks, and white men specifically. The latter being more likely an issue of low self-esteem.

D)Then, maybe it is just a simple taste or lust for white men that has nothing to do with low self-esteem. This latter is complicated because "C" cannot be totally dismissed. Moreover, we are raised in a society where the dominant culture, white culture, is celebrated. And, often for advancement, people of color are implicitely required to downplay their own ethnic diversity to fit in, be a team player.

June 05, 2006 1:03 PM

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