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0 comments | Sunday, May 11, 2008

Famed author James Earl Hardy of the B-Boy Blues series is returning to the literary scene with some of his hottest work to date. The Freak Filez, an erotic anthology, due in the spring of 2009 promises to stimulate your mind and your body. The book includes nine erotic tales with brand new characters and a few you may remember from Hardy's earlier work.

Is It Still "Jood" to Ya? centers around the two lead characters from B-Boy Blues, Mitchell and Raheim as they rekindle their romance during the summer 2003 New York Blackout. Other titles include Booty, By Jake and The Last Picture Show to name a few.

If you haven't read the classic James Earl Hardy novel B-Boy Blues or any of his subsequent work then I suggest that you run and don't walk to your nearest bookstore. A film adaptation of B-Boy Blues is in the works by openly gay filmmaker Maurice Jamal and The Day Eazy E-Died is being adapted for the screen by filmmaker Kirk-Shannon Butts.

I had the pleasure of meeting James Earl Hardy when he sat on my panel for theDL Chronicles discussion earlier this year. He is truly an amazing human being. Let's hope I can convince him to push up the release date for his new book.

Look out for "The Freak Filez" online and in a bookstore near you soon.

Hi-five to DJ


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