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0 comments | Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Black Aids Institute invites you to activate your spirit, motivate your soul and rejuvenate your body under the warm skies of crimson colored Arizona. Join over 50 successful dedicated Black Gay Men for an invitation-only retreat in the lap of the luxurious famed Hotel Valley Ho Resort and Spa, April 26 through April 27, 2007, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Institute is proud to host this safe comfortable environment for sharing life experiences, mentoring and discussing topical issues as we forge new leadership in the greater global Black community.

The Black Gay Men’s Retreat 2007 will continue to strengthen and build a network of professional and creative talent. This Black gay “renaissance” weekend will not only create a stronger “brotherhood,” but will inspire mobilization of our personal, political and collective financial power. With structured and informal dialogue, our aim is to strategize; self explore and develop plans that will change the course of HIV/AIDS and other matters that affect us greatly.

We shall ask each other the hard questions. As our HIV/AIDS infections have increased to epidemic proportions among Black men, how do we incite a new Democratic-led Congress to increase funding. What will be our posture among Presidental hopefuls as platforms are being created? Will we leverage our collective power and voices to be a part of that process? In the midst of these weighty issues, the Black Gay Men’s Retreat 2007 is also crafted to build lifelong friendships and of course, relax from our busy demanding lives.

The retreat is by invitation only. For registration info please click here .



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