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0 comments | Monday, March 07, 2011

If you're like me then you're probably starving for images and stories that reflect your experience as an LGBT person of color. Here's CHANGE another independent film that's gaining quite a buzz on the film festival circuit.

On the day of the 2008 election a bright young African American student, JAMIE, is among a group of teenagers presenting their case to the class as to why the candidate of their choice should be elected president. When, Ivan – the openly gay student - stands to speak, he is bullied by some of the boys in the class. Later, the same boys make plans to humiliate Ivan further by spraying graffiti on his house. Jamie steps in to prevent it by suggesting that they should do it after Proposition 8 has passed and the boys agree to wait until the next day.

At home, we see Jamie’s true nature when he talks to Ivan on the street, reassuring him that the proposition to ban same sex marriage will never pass in California and then, in the secrecy of his bedroom, he looks at gay porn magazines.

When Obama’s victory is announced Jamie celebrates with his family and shares a special moment with his Grandmother as he recognizes the importance of the occasion for her.

The following day Jamie is shocked to learn that Proposition 8 has indeed passed. He sprints to Ivan’s house to try and prevent the boys from spraying it but arrives too late – the deed is done and Ivan sits alone on the front porch.
Jamie sits beside his friend and tries to comfort him. They share a moment together, when suddenly Jamie’s friends arrive on the scene and discover what Jamie has been hiding from them. Ivan starts to panic, but Jamie is steadfast in wanting to confront his friends no matter what the consequences.

Click here for a list of screenings across the U.S. and the UK. Watch the trailer for CHANGE below.


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