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0 comments | Monday, January 04, 2010

What happens when Vogue Evolution and The Beat Freaks, two of the baddest dance crews ever to appear on MTV's hit competition America's Best Dance Crew come together? The result is an upcoming documentary titled "Freak The Vogue".

The hard hitting female dancers from Los Angeles and runners up to the ABDC crown have enlisted the help of Vogue Evolution members Pony Zion & Dashaun to teach them the art of voguing.

Vogue Evolution broke new ground last season when they became the first all gay crew including a transgender female dancer to appear on the MTV dance competition. Their weekly performances were covered extensively on loldarian.com.

Vogue Evolution was instrumental in bringing authentic voguing straight from the ballroom floor into millions of households and now they're training an unlikely crew to duck walk, dip, and spin.

Get into Pony, Deshaun, and the ladies of The Beat Freaks in the fabulous trailer for Freak The Vogue below:

FREAK THE VOGUE Trailer from Beat Freaks on Vimeo.


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