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0 comments | Thursday, February 26, 2009

I know what you're thinking,"please not another amateur video of dancers recreating Beyonce's Single Ladies choreography"! Yes, it's another video but this time these dancers aren't amateurs, they're professionals from the Broadway touring company of The Color Purple and they're doing it for a great cause.

Members of the male ensemble of The Color Purple joined other notable Broadway performers and television stars on stage Monday night at The Gershwin Theater in New York City for Defying Inequality, a celebrity benefit concert for equal rights for the LGBT community.

For this particular night the male ensemble adopted the name "Purple Haze", no doubt a spin-off from their highly successful show. Afterelton.com has exclusive pics from the show that included appearances from Billy Porter,Nathan Lane, the cast of Ugly Betty, Sesame Street, and the new Broadway revival HAIR.

Proceeds from the benefit will go to aid the work of the Empire Stage Pride Agenda, Equality California, Family Equality Council, Garden State Equality, and Vermont Freedom to Marry.

Get into the beautiful Darius Crenshaw, Grasan Kingsberry, and Brian Brooks from The Color Purple in their Single Ladies video below. I will upload video from Monday night's show as soon as it's available.


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