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0 comments | Sunday, November 25, 2007

I have to admit that I love to hate on Beyonce. The mega star singer is super talented and extremely over exposed. In one breathI'm commenting on her mother Tina Knowles' tacky House of Dereon designs that Beyonce is constantly wearing on the red carpet and in the next breath I'm humming "Irreplaceable". Say what you will about Beyonce but no one can deny that she is a bonafide star with the work ethic of Joe Jackson, and she proves it in her newly released DVD, The Beyonce Experience.

Beyonce gives her fans two hours and ten minutes of non-stop high energy performing. I'm kicking myself for refusing to pay over one hundred dollars to see her in concert (Janet is the only artist that has ever gotten that much out of me for a concert) because actually it would have been worth it. The only problem with watching it on DVD is the excitement of experiencing the show live cannot be matched.

The show opens with Beyonce's first #1 single as a solo artist, Crazy in Love, and for the next couple of hours she sings just about every hit she's ever released as well as popular tunes by Jill Scott, Gnarls Barkley, and of course Destiny's Child.

So I'm sure you're wondering what I didn't like about the concert. Normally I would have said Beyonce herself (lol !), but I can't seem to stop singing her praises over this one. It was actually the extremely long Destiny's Child medley that seemed to go on for at least a half hour. The music didn't seem to be as effective without all three ladies singing the signature songs that first introduced the world to Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle. I kept expecting them to appear onstage and give us the reunion we've all been waiting for but it didn't happen.

Keeping the crowd entertained during costume changes and much needed breaks for Beyonce and her dancers were also a challenge for the creative team. Fans were subjected to somewhat boring musical "jam sessions" by the band. The most entertaining and creative filler came close to the end of the show when a beautiful slideshow of Beyonce at in-store appearances, red carpet events, and award shows was presented to the Jay -Z/Beyonce duet "Hollywood".

Choreographer Frank Gatson along with a team of assistants are to be commended for creating movement that showcases Beyonce's talent as a naturally gifted mover and the technique and range of her dancers. One beautiful moment was a pas de deux between a male and female couple at the beginning of Dangerously in Love.

Overall I give The Beyonce Experience 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. Thanks to my best friend Bennie I've already ripped the dvd to my iPod! Go out and purchase your copy or we may be subjected to a re-release...lol!


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