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1 comments | Sunday, February 18, 2007

It seems that rapper 50 Cent seems to think that using the N & f words in any context should be considered a term of endearment to the person on the opposite end receiving the slurs, and he had no problem using them freely in an interview on CNN.

50 says, "When I say it I don't mean it as a direct thing against someone, I'm just using it as slang. In the neighborhood I'll say nigga you a faggot, but it doesn't mean it's bad...bad is good".

I swear between Tim Hardaway and 50 Cent's broken english they should both become poster boys for pursuing an education.

It seems as if 50 is attempting to project himself as gay friendly or at the least tolerant. But if you've followed 50's career then you know he is nothing of the sort, as proven in this article .

Tim Hardaway's comments were definitely out of line and innapropriate, but I must say that it has started a dialogue and given the gay community the chance to tackle homophobia and educate people in the process.

I will be covering homophobia in the media all week and the continued reaction from celebrities, the silence of Black organizations, and the straight online community from blackplanet.com .

I've posted the clip of 50 Cent's comments on CNN for you to view thanks to my friend Jeff .

50 Cent on CNN

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dang can i at least get a credit? lol

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