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0 comments | Monday, October 09, 2006

Are you suffering from Noah's Arc withdrawls? Have you worn out the dvd's from season one and you're fresh out of iTunes cards so you can't download the episodes to your iPod? Well you know you can always listen to my review with Steven over
at pinkmafiaradio.com .

We'll make you laugh, cry, and sometimes so upset you'll want to e-mail us and tell us to shut the f#$k up! We review the last 3 episodes including the season finale. Listen to it in the comfort of your home or download it from iTunes to go onto your iPod.

One thing I've learned about Noah's Arc fans is that they're loyal (i'm one as well), and everyone has an opinion about the direction of the show. Here are a slew of comments from one of my favorite sites about the final episode. Enjoy the madness!

Comments from Keith Boykin.com


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