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0 comments | Thursday, December 02, 2010

Poet and loldarian.com favorite Yolo Akili creates beautiful and healthy imagery of same-gender love for his erotic poem "Concretely" from his first studio album Purple Galaxy. The video co-stars Atlanta dancer and choreographer Juel Lane, first mentioned on loldarian.com earlier this year during the premiere of his epic same-sex duet during the all male dance production LIFT. The video is directed by Alex-Sarah.

"Concretely", is a an erotic poem about sexual longing beyond top/bottom or verse "with no roles and with no models". It's about seeking an erotic that is able to celebrate sensation as well as feeling", Akili tells loldarian.com.

Always looking to expand his art form and reach as many people as he possibly can with his work, Akili credits the work of his predecessors, Marlon Riggs, Essex Hemphill, and Joseph Beam. "They definitely helped me see the possibilities for what I could do with my art,"adds Akili.

Yolo Akili's poetry and music album Purple Galaxy is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Get into the sensual "Concretely" in the video below (Possibly NSFW):


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