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0 comments | Friday, January 22, 2010

Normally a story such as this would be a blip on my radar but because of the utter foolishness that has ensued after one "urban blog" (lawd I wish some of their servers would crash) ran this story it caught my attention.

Apparently, fashion designer Marc Jacobs is in love with "skorts" and has partnered with H&M to introduce a line specifically for men in their 2010 Spring Collection.

“It’s not really a kilt,” he explained. “It’s kind of like a kilt and a short.” Jacobs says he discovered his love of the skort during his design process: “I did a lot more skirts in this collection for women than I usually do—we usually do a lot of pants. So I bought this one, and I discovered how nice it felt to wear. They’re comfortable, and wearing it made me happy, so I bought more. And now I just can’t stop wearing them.”

Now cue the sheer ignorance from homophobic black folks who seems to think the world will come to an end if they see men in major cities walking down the street in Jacobs' creation.

"Damn… We can only imagine what the streets of Atlanta, New York and L.A. are about to look like!!!"

All I can do is shake my head. The social norms that have been ingrained in us from birth is quite scary to me at times. Get into the craziness here via Bossip...I know...I know.


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